NEUROSOMATIC THERAPY:  Due to COVID 19 I am not currently offering NST. However, once I am able to begin practicing, I will be operating out of Davenport Acupuncture three days a week.  More to come!

PRIVATE YOGA: Due to COVID 19 I am not currently offering yoga classes.

CORPORATE YOGA:  My corporate classes can be done in a conference room, and yoga clothes are not necessary.  I open class with a meditation, move into therapy ball work and a few seated or standing yoga asanas, and then close with a final meditation. The class is designed to relieve pain in and reduce stress.  I can also do meditation-only sessions either in person or via Zoom.  Please Contact Me for more details.

YOGA TUNE UP® BALLS: I sell the full range of Yoga Tune Up® balls for $15 each.  Please use the Contact Me link to get shipping and payment details.  Or you can order directly from Tune Up Fitness using this affiliate link.  Thank you!

Please use the Contact Me link to request additional information.  Thank you!!