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 Yoga Tune Up® Workshops (to be scheduled upon request):


62 Point Rolling and Relaxation Meditation 

When you try to “live in the moment” or meditate or focus on ANY ONE THING for more than 8 seconds, do you quickly get frustrated, tense, and angry with yourself?  Meditation and mindfulness are supposed to help RELIEVE stress, not CAUSE it.  But our hyper-active brains often have a hard time slowing down and being okay with inactivity.

I have been, um, “blessed” with an overly analytical, over-active mind. Somatic-based meditations (where your brain is guided through the body) are one of the few types of meditation that can handle my monkey mind.  If this sounds familiar to you, I invite you to join me for this class.

We will begin class with a somatic meditation, guiding the mind through 62 points on the body.  We will then use the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls on all of the 62 points, bringing the mind’s awareness into each of those areas and letting it settle there for a few moments.  At the end of class, we will go through the 62-point meditation a final time, allowing time for the mind to observe the improved mind-body connection that comes with rolling.  You may find that the combination of tactile sensation (rolling) and guided somatic meditation is a gateway to the calm you seek.

The Primal Core 

Ahh.  The Core.  It’s “engaged” in almost every single yoga or exercise class, and we all want a toned, sexy one. But what is it really?  Why do we have such a love/hate relationship with it?  Why is it so important (beside looking good in a bikini/Speedo)?

In this workshop we will use Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls to relieve tension in the multiple layers of core – rolling out tissues from the neck to the base of the spine.  We’ll also use the Coregeous balls to start to tune in to our bellies and stimulate digestion.

This class will also include a brief introduction to the Primal/Paleo lifestyle. You’ll learn why this approach is helpful for many people, and you’ll leave with some helpful tips on how to start to incorporate healthy habits such as eating whole foods, moderating sugar intake, and developing good sleep hygiene into your daily life.

Foundation Tune Up 

Your feet have a pretty thankless job.  They get stuffed into leather coffins all day, they can’t breathe, and they can barely move or wriggle. On top of that, they have to carry the weight of your entire body all day long.  And then the weekend comes, and you repeatedly slap them on unforgiving concrete for a several miles.  And then we curse them when they hurt.  Show them a little love and affection and take them out for a date night with the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls.

In this workshop you will learn some fun and relaxing therapy ball techniques and mindful movements that will help you treat and train your foundation, all the way from the tips of your toes to the crest of your hips.

This class will be great for runners, cyclists, or walkers (or movers of any type). 

Everyone Poops!  

Everyone poops – but not usually as often as they should, and the issue usually only gets worse around the holidays/vacations.

If things haven’t been running real smoothly or if you have ½ a Christmas ham still stuck in your colon, join us for this digestion-focused Yoga Tune Up® class.  We will use the air-filled Coregeous ball and yoga asanas to improve gut motility and give that ham the encouragement it needs to move on.

Total Body Tune Up: An Introduction to Yoga Tune Up 

What is this “Yoga Tune Up®” business? Am I going to get my spark plugs and air filters replaced??  Well, sort of, yeah. 😉  Yoga Tune Up® is a yoga/corrective exercise style that will help bring your brain into your body, so you can operate it smarter, safer, and longer.  Our bodies don’t come with warranties, and it’s pretty difficult and expensive to trade them in, so come to this workshop and learn how to take care of your body for the long-haul!

The Tune-Up class consists of yoga-inspired postures done in unique ways, accompanied by guided self-myofascial release performed with Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls.  This class will teach you the basics of self-massage with the therapy balls, providing you with take-home skills you can use to relieve pain and calm down your nervous system.

Take the Weight of the World Off Your Shoulders

The shoulder joint is a marvel of engineering.  It can pull us up a sheer rock face, it can Cabbage Patch with wild abandon, and it can whip a ball at speeds exceeding 100 mph.  But for the most part, we just use it to poke at our phones and type on computers.  And to carry stress. Lots and lots and lots of stress.

If your shoulders feel more like boulders, or if you have chronic pain in your neck or behind your shoulders blades, this class is for you.  You will learn you what you can do to bring relaxation and expanded range of motion back into this overused, misused, and abused area of your body. 

Your Knees Knead This! 

In this class, you will learn simple Yoga Tune Up® therapy ball techniques that, when practiced regularly, will reduce pain and increase mobility in this injury-prone area of the body.  We will use the Alpha balls and Originals to tease apart the muscles connecting to and from the knee joint.  We’ll also explore the feet, ankles, and calves in depth, releasing tension and tightness all the way from the tips of toes through the back of the body, up to the forehead.  You may leave class feeling an inch or two taller, and your knees should feel more mobile and stable.

Do you have Ass-nesia?? 

Does your butt suffer from gluteal amnesia (you have lost the ability to tightly flex your glutes)?  If you sit for a large portion of the day, chances are your glutes have forgotten how to function properly. All of this sitting leads to a loss of power and mobility and well as overcompensation in your erector spinae and hamstrings.  If you have lower back pain, your sleepy butt could be a culprit.

In this class, we will use the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls to wake up these dormant tissues.  Once awakened, we will use yoga asanas to strengthen those powerhouses, and then we will close class with a relaxing 15-minute leg series stretch that will help restore the hips and calm down the nervous system in the process. 

Yoga Tune Up  – Quick Lube

It can be hard to find time for vital self-care.  That is why we are offering this quick 30-minute Yoga Tune Up® class.  You will learn how, in just 30 minutes, you can take your nervous system from 60 to 0.  Zzzzzz…..

This class will consist of a brief opening meditation, lots of rolling, a few targeted asanas, and a brief closing meditation.