Well hello there!  My name is Heather Longoria.  I’m a coach and bodyworker devoted to helping people release stress, pain, and tension so that they have more space in their bodies, minds, and lives.    

Why do I care about this stuff??  Well, it all started when I began a new job and started to have INTENSE anxiety.  I had always been a little prone to passing out when I got hot, or if someone told a story of a graphic injury, but this slight tendency was morphing into a debilitating sensation.  When I was at stop lights, I had to open my window and turn on my AC to blast my face; otherwise I was afraid I would pass out.  Likewise, while waiting in line at the grocery story, I would have to unzip my coat, chew some peppermint gum, and shift from foot to foot. I had to keep moving, or I felt as if I would spin off into unconsciousness. I wondered if the fluorescent lights in above my cubicle were frying my brain.

I was a mess.  And I was only in my early 30s.  What was wrong with me??

I went to the  doctor, who wanted to prescribe anti-anxiety meds.  Due to some family history, I was reluctant to go that route.  I was able to get some relief from acupuncture and from chiropractic car, but I was still suffering.  

Then I read an article on LifeHacker about the “primal” diet, and I was like, “Ahhhh, this actually seems to make a lot of sense. I could try this and see what happens.

And try it I did.  I bought “The 21 Day Total Body Transformation” and started to incorporate its suggestions.  I started eating whole foods, I cut out seed oils, I got outside and MOVED my body every day, I chose to not eat processed foods.  Within 7 days, my anxiety had practically disappeared.  That was over a decade ago, and the anxiety – while it raises its head occasionally – is only ever overwhelming when I throw caution to the wind and eat a lot of gluten, sugar, and fried food.

By making these small, sustainable changes in my attitude, lifestyle, movement practices, and thought habits, I noticed a huge decrease in my levels of physical pain and emotional distress, and a dramatic shift towards more zest for life.  It was almost as if life had more color again!  

With this new appreciation of our innate ability as human beings to heal ourselves, I dove into learning all I could about mind-body health, becoming a yoga and meditation teacher, massage therapist, writer, and coach.  

  • Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution Practitioner – In Training – Intermediate Year
  • Dr. Sears Health & Wellness Master Certified Coach
  • CranioSacral Therapy Level 1 and Level 2, Upledger Institute International
  • Visceral Manipulation Level 1, Listening 1, Barral Institue
  • Certified Neurosomatic Therapist, LMT, 099905
  •   Tune Up Fitness® Certified Instructor
  • 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher
  • FMT RockPods Certified, 6/1/19 (cupping)

My Office is located at: 2805 Eastern Avenue, Office 232, Davenport, IA 52803

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