Feel Better in Your Body

I help people discover their innate ability to heal and thrive using a combination of massage therapy (Neurosomatic Therapy) and yoga (Yoga Tune Up®)

What is Neurosomatic Therapy?

Neurosomatic Therapy is a unique massage therapy modality where we combine your story + your symptoms + your structure to identify the source of your persistent pain. We assess the position of everything from your feet to your cranium and use that info to craft a treatment plan and self-care practices that will get you back in balance.

What is Yoga Tune Up®?

Yoga Tune Up® is an eye-opening movement modality that helps improve your awareness of how you hold and move your body. We do this by helping “wake up” misused, abused, and confused areas of the body via self-massage. We then activate those tissues with some fun, novel movements that help your brain learn how to move your body better.

Why do I need NST and YTU?

The combination of targeted, insightful body work and mindful movement is a potent treatment for persistent pain in all areas of the body. By addressing not only the muscles of the body (the soma), but also the neurology (the brain and nervous system), we help the human organism create new, pain-free patterns.

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