Videos and Meditations


Tune in to Your Future Self

Get out of your Mind and Into Your Body

Stretch and Breathe

Breathe Away Tension

Bo Forbes – Getting to Know Your Breath

Yoga Nidra and Heart Centered Meditation

Breath Anchor

Relax Your Face

Breath – Rod Stryker


Awareness of Thoughts


Yoga Nidra


Climbing a Mountain

Healing the Heart

Body Scan

Combination Plate

Gracious Declining

Noting Body Sensations

Naked Sound

Just One Breath

Compassionate Abiding

The Watcher’s Perch

62 Points of Relaxation


Tuning in to your feet


Calf Smash! 

Foot Roll!

Uddihyana Bandha

Psoas Release

Yoga Sequence for Spine Health (30 Mins)

Bright Yoga

Wind Down Yoga & Body Scan

Constructive Rest Reboot

Introduction to Meditation

Building Your Meditation Practice

Exploring Breath Practices

Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation

Yoga Nidra

Mantra Meditation – So Hum

Just One Breath Meditation

Cutting Energetic Cords

Decongest the Nose

Meditation for Facing Pain