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Wellbeing Coaching Testimonials

I originally signed up for coaching because I felt that reading self-help books, while beneficial wasn’t getting me to a place to start new and healthy habits or providing the hands on approach I was looking for. Heather is so knowledgeable, kind, and authentic. She truly cares about her practice and about helping people. The one on one structure and tools she shared have been enlightening and empowering. I’ve enjoyed the learning journey just as much as the personal development. Heather meets you were you’re at on your journey without assigning judgment. I’m so grateful for her coaching and love implementing new tips and tricks into my daily life. Sometimes you need the reminder to pause, to breath, to explore and how to hold space for all of that – Heather has helped me create that space and build trust in myself.

– Brea, 02/29/2024

I reached out to Heather last fall to purchase a six-week Health Coaching sessions with her. I had previously worked with her and knew that she was very organized and knowledgable about self help issues. I have also received treatments with her so I knew she is very professional and reliable.

The reason I sought out Health Coaching is I was hoping to bring more health, joy, and presence back to my life. I had fallen into the habit of “doing” and not “being”. I was seeking suggestions, accountability, and was hoping to be able to add valuable tools to my “toolbox” to help eliminate and/or reduce unhealthy behaviors so I could reach my goals. Due to multiple difficult situations in my life, I was starting to be exhausted emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. I needed a revival! 

After finishing the first six sessions I was seeing such positive results I purchased a second six week Health Coaching Session. Heather has made me realize so much about myself. She has helped me realize my basic needs and how I can better prioritize my needs. Early on in our time together she helped me develop a Wellness Vision Statement which has been the foundation to our work together. From there she helped me find ways to reach my wellness goals. It has been life changing and empowering. I have made more time in my daily life for the things that bring me joy, have set healthy boundaries, got back to a healthier exercise schedule, and I now focus more on “being” instead of “doing”. I also now have a “Not to do” list! I look to my Wellness Vision Statement before I agree to take on new tasks to see if it aligns with my goals. This has been so freeing! Working with Heather has me asking the question, “What really matters?” more during my day. I have added “tools” to my toolbox when I get stuck in negative mindset loops. This has been so helpful. Heather has helped me find many “blind spots” within my life and self. Having her as my Health Coach to help facilitate and help me develop actionable strategies to achieve my goals has helped me bring more health, joy, and presence into my life. What a special gift to share with someone!

Heather is literally a walking knowledge of valuable information. She loves learning and is always reading more books, taking more classes, and attending more seminars to further her knowledge base. During our time together she references information she’s read in a book or reaches for a book to share helpful quotes, stories or explanations on topic points. It is so impressive. Heather makes me feel safe to share my concerns, she is an excellent listener, empathetic, has a passion for helping people find better health, is very positive, is motivational, is a goal setter, and shows no judgement. If she tells me she will share websites, information, etc. during our session she always follows through. 

I plan to continue to work with Heather until my Wellness Vision is achieved! 

– Lisa, 03/09/2024