Who Am I? What do I Want?

What do you think is the key to living a good life?
Is it spending time with family?  Spending time in nature? Doing work you love?  Working on improving your community?
I personally wonder if the key to living a really smashingly good life, is figuring out what it is you really, really want, what you really, really care about, and then DOING IT.
Maybe you read that and were like, duh.  Of course. 
And maybe you read that and were like, duh, of course, but how the f@ck do I know what I really really want and what I really really care about???
For some of us, it’s REALLY REALLY hard to know what we really really want and care about.  This is The Truth for all sorts of reasons. Our culture and school systems teach conformity. (It’s pretty convenient and lucrative).  Our families often prize obediency (It’s very convenient and less exhausting).    Our religions also tell us what is right and wrong and what we should think or not think and what we should feel or not feel.  That’s a lot of external input overriding our internal input, often from a very early age.
But at some point, likely around 45 years old or so, you begin to question whether all these things you’ve been taught to believe and think are really what you believe and think  You think perhaps they are not.  But after decades of not really HAVING to be original in our thoughts and desires, it can be rather difficult to answer those questions – Who am I?  What do I want?  What do I REALLY care about?
Recently I have been almost literally flooded with messages about INTUITION.  I am finishing up Dr. Betsy Rippentrop’s program, TendHer 2.0, and Week 3 was all about intuition.  I jumped on a webinar from Dr. Shamini Jain where she interviewed Wendie Coulter about Medical Intuition, and was fascinated by what I heard.  And what I heard was an echo of what I learned in TendHer, interestingly enough.  And then a friend of mine did an Angel card reading for me, and again Intuition was a central theme. The need to tune in to intuition and TRUST IT just keeps coming up over and over again.
Tuning in to our intuition – our inner knowing – is so essential to figuring out who we really are and what we really want.  I’ve heard the voice of intuition on occasion, and it feels like peace to me.  I constantly have this diatribe of nonsense assaulting my brain pan, and it’s exhausting when I don’t have the presence of mind to redirect my attention.  But that intuitive voice is different. It’s calm, quiet, confident, assured.  It doesn’t need to raise its voice.  It doesn’t need to chase its tail in my head. It can say its piece, do the ol’ mic drop, and then fade back into the ether until It chooses again to try to help me make better, more aligned decisions.
If you are like me (and chances you are, if you’re reading this), you want some of that tasty confident, chill, doesn’t-have-to-prove-itself Knowing as well.  But how does one get it??
I’m early on this journey, mind you, but here are some tools that have helped me and that might help you:

  1. Meditation.
  2. Free writing.  I actually write a question on paper and see what comes up and out.  See below for some journaling ideas from Andrea Wilson, from the Tendher 2.0 program.
  3. Slowing down. And by this I mean things like literally walking slower and moving slower.  If I notice myself  knocking stuff over or getting tunnel vision, I consciously m   o   v   e    s   l     o   w   e   r.
  4. Grounding myself when I feel super top heavy. I like the Energy Essentials meditation #1 here

If you try any of these tools out, I am curious to hear what you think! 

Journal Prompts from Andrea Wilson, as part of TendHer 2.0 (if you are interested in TendHer, you an email the organizers here). 

  1. Invite your intuition on a date in a magical place. You get to choose…mountains, ocean, a cafe in Paris. Whatever it is, let her know in an invitation to meet you there. 
  2. Begin a conversation on the page. You write, and then let her respond through your subconscious. The goal is to begin rebuilding your relationship. Begin with….”I know you’ve been here all along…” 
  3. Find out about her, and talk about the way she shows up. (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance.) Also, what codes and signs does she like/do you often receive from her?
  4. What does she want to be called? What else does she want you to know? Let her know how life will be better with her showing up more. 
  5. Thank her for joining you and commit to keeping a intuitive record over the next weeks of where she is showing up and how you are connecting.  

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