Iron Man 2

Tim, Butterbrickled, and I attended the 4:25 showing of Iron Man 2 yesterday.  We got off to an inauspicious start – the theater was prohibitively laced with pockets of children – a row towards the front, and a row towards the back.  We choose to sit behind the back row of kids, which ended up maybe not being the best decision.  There was one guy who was trying to corral 3 kids, all under the age of maybe 7?  The, I suppose most people would say “cute” 4 or 5-year-old, kept turning around, staring at my husband, and telling Tim to quit looking at her.  He was, of course, not looking at her, but was looking at the screen behind her, but try convincing a 4-year-old of that.

For the first 15-20 minutes, the kids transferred from seat to lap to seat to bathroom to seat to lap, etc.  I think about half-way through the movie, the guy just gave up.  The whole crew got up, left the theater and were never to be seen again.  At least not by us.  Ahhh….

The quiet allowed us to focus on the movie, which, actually, doesn’t require a lot of focusing.  It was a very typical summer blockbuster sequel type of movie.  The robots/drones/Iron Man effects were cool.  The Genesis-System type robot arm was played up for cuteness again (oh, he looks sad…), Tony Stark had cool tech and invented cool tech, Mickey Rourke was, well, Mickey Rourke.  Overall, I enjoyed the movie.  It’s not nearly as good as the first one, but it’s entertaining.  I was really disappointed by the women in the movie, however.

Pepper Potts was a very strong character in the first movie.  In this movie she spends all her time mincing around in high heels and SUPER tight dresses, whining about everything.  SPOILER ALERT – She and Tony hook up in the end (Tony said he is going to “do right by” Pepper – how romantic), and their kiss is super lame.  If the character had been written smart and sophisticated, as she was in the first movie, their romance in the second movie would have made much more sense.

Which brings me to Scarlett Johannson.  She, of course, also wears super tight dresses.  I honestly don’t believe that either her or Gwyneth could even sit down in one of those dresses.  She also wears a cat suit at one point, well, two points.  She is super gorgeous and has a beautiful figure.  But that’s pretty much all there is to her  in the movie.  She has a fight scene towards the end of the film, but it’s super fast and quick and unrealistic.  I can understand her wearing a cat suit for the fight scene – you don’t want your clothes to get in the way when you are vanquishing 20+ guys in the span of 7 minutes.  What I don’t understand, is why you wouldn’t put your super long hair in a pony tail or braid or something.  All that hair would totally get in the way.  So unrealistic.

Yes, in a movie about a guy with a flying exo-suit powered by a palladium core in his chest, I am complaining that a girl fighting with her hair down is unrealistic.  But really, the first thing any girl in that situation would do, is pull that hair up.

My final verdict on the movie – it’s worth watching for the cool effects and some funny material.  It’s worth a matinee ticket price.

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