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Primal Day 16

Today’s big news is that I tried another new recipe:  A Fajita Frittata with Avocado Salsa.  It was pretty simple to make, once all the ingredients were cut up.  Two notes about this recipes – be sure to spread the seasoning evenly over the meat.  I didn’t do a good job of this, so there […]

Primal Day 12

Breakfast – Two hardboiled eggs cut into chunks with 1/4 an avocado chunked up, both drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  Super, super delicious. Lunch – It was snowing, so I didn’t want to trek home and back. Instead I went to the mall and had 2 entrees (no rice) from […]

Primal Day 10

I don’t mean this blog to be my daily diary, but since how you eat has such a huge impact on how you feel and how much energy you have, I’m going to tell you all about day – albeit quickly and succinctly, hopefully. This morning before work, I started some crockpot chicken tacos.  Then […]

Primal Day 8

We spent the night at Mom & Dad’s last night, so I didn’t make my usual breakfast of eggs and sautéed veggies.  Instead I had a slice of Mom’s spinach quiche.  It was very rich (made with spinach, onions, eggs, cream and lots o’ cheese), but very tasty.  It did have a crust on it, […]

Primal Day 5

Heather Fail.  I didn’t make a post last night.  The evening just kind of got away from me, all sneaky like.  Next thing I know, Tim’s falling asleep while watching Star Trek TNG, and it’s time to hit the sack. Breakfast was the usual.  I got kind of lazy and didn’t want to dirty a […]

Primal Day 4

See now, doesn’t that look delicious?! It was delicious.  I couldn’t eat it all, though.  I think that eating primally has made my stomach smaller, which is yet another good thing I’ve experienced on this ‘”diet” in the four days I’ve been on it. For lunch today, I had to get creative, as I went […]

Primal Day 3

Today overall was good.  Had another omelette for breakfast and a big-ass salad for lunch.  I got snacky this afternoon and discovered a delicious treat – celery with macademia nuts.  Take a bite of celery, a piece of macademia, and chew together.  Delicious.  I also had wwwwaaayyyy too many pumpkin seeds.  They were so salty […]

Primal Day 2

As promised, I will not bore you with pictures and extensive details of everything I ate today.  Here are the quick highlights. I didn’t weigh myself this morning.  See,  I didn’t take a shower this morning, and I only weigh myself before I’ve eaten anything and when I’m nekked.  I don’t want clothing to tip […]