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And the weekend comes, the weekend comes (and goes)

Friday night Tim and I headed up to Mom and Dad’s.  It was a beautiful drive to Monticello, and it was great to see Mom and Dad again.  Seems like forever since we’ve been up there.  We had a good time – had supper together, played Tick (I think Mom won again, as usual), helped Mom tag some scrubbies and koozies for her upcoming craft show, and ate some of mom’s delicious jello cake (which she made especially for Tim since he always helps her with her computer stuff).

I also tried to help Mom organize her computer files.  They are currently all stored in her Downloads folder!  We made some progress, and I got introduced to Amigurumis, which are these awesome crocheted toys/dolls.  My mom even has a pattern for crocheted Brain Slugs (from Futurama).  Mom is going to make one for Tim, complete with a chin strap, so he can wear it on his head, in true brain slug style.  Maybe I’ll have to brush up on my crocheting skills, so I can start making these awesome toys.  So far, I’ve stuck to super simple blankets, all made with an easy-to-do slanted shell stitch.  Here is my most recent blanket, which I made for Lucent:

Mom found a bunch of this beautiful, super-soft green yarn at a thrift store, and it made a perfect blanket for Lucent.

We went to bed Friday night to the sound of wind playing the chimes, ala Twister.  We awoke Saturday to a super misty and beautiful morning.  I took a few pictures, but the camera cannot truly capture how pretty it was.

We got home from Monti around 3:30, and I was completed exhausted and hungry.  We tried out Kimchi Teriyaki at Five Points for supper, based on a recommendation from a friend.   We are looking for a GOOD Chinese restaurant, but they all taste the same – oily, salty, fried food.  Sometimes HyVee can be super good, but it’s not consistent.  We were hoping to find a consistently good place.  We thought Kimchi was just okay. Next time maybe I’ll work up the courage to try one of their Korean dishes.  They looked good, but I was wary because I’ve never eaten Korean, so I wasn’t sure what to get.

I don’t know if it was because I didn’t sleep in my own bed Friday night, or if my body rebelled against all the simple carbohydrates, but after supper, I was just super duper tired.  We watched 4 or 5 episodes of Archer (which is hilarious and super inappropriate).  I think we ended up going to bed at 7:30!!!  I didn’t wake up until 7 Sunday morning.  I was super tired all week.  Hopefully that 12 hours will get me back up to speed.

Sunday was a typical, nice, relaxing Sunday.  We went to the gym, bought groceries, did laundry, watched The Wrath of Khan – the usual.

And then the weekend was over.  I wish I lived in the alternate dimension where people work Saturday and Sunday and have Monday through Friday off.

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