Cold # 2

I am being a whiny baby.  I have my second cold in as many weeks.  Don’t believe any collodial silver claims made by convincing health food store clerks.  It’s a crock!  I’ll send you a picture of my Rudolph nose as proof.

As a result of the aforementioned cold, I have been startingly unproductive today.  We went to the gym, ate lunch at 11th Street Precinct (where the Guinness is excellent), came home, took a nap, and then I watched 3 episodes of Veronica Mars, an episode of Doll House, and the beginning of the new Willy Wonka. It is a very, very strange movie, and I’m sure it will give me nightmares if I watch the whole thing.

Fortunately, I was much more productive yesterday.  We visited my parents in Monticello, and I ventured out among the drifts and got some really great shots.  I think my parents live on Hoth.

Lucky for us, it was nice and toasty warm inside.  We had a great day with Mom and Dad.  We even got them to play Settlers of Catan.  Mom tried to beat me, but I won!  Mwah ha ha!

Hopefully I’ll be more productive tomorrow.  Days off don’t grow on trees, and I really need to take advantage.

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