4.5 Day Weekend

Ah, weekends.  Long weekends.  They are the best.  I took off last Thursday at 11:30 and didn’t return until this morning.  We toyed with the idea of going somewhere and doing something with the extended time off, but we ended up staying pretty close to home and just chilling.

We went to Iowa City on Friday, ate some deeeeeelicious falafel from Oasis Falafel, got a couple of pints at Deadwood, looked at Dick Blick wistfully, as is my wont, and then came home.

We ate, we drank, I beat the pants off Tim at Scrabble. We made good food – good kimchi, good cookies, tasty pork roast, etc.  We watched some movies, slept in until 7 or 8 each day, went to the gym a few times.  Just enjoyed the time off and eachother, basically.

It’s so rare to be able to just spend time at home.  I always feel like we should be out DOING something.  Going somewhere, meeting people, making an effort.  Sometimes it’s just nice to veg out for a few days and enjoy our little house and our little dog.

When I came home for lunch today, I realized that I was a little homesick already.  Tim and I are already pretty dedicated homebodies, which is something we need to keep an eye on, but for 4.5 days, it was nice to just give in and be cozy.

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