Primal Day 1

I started out the day in a depressing fashion, by taking my weights and measures.  Ugh.  My weekend of debauchery (aka eating pizza and pasta and drinking beer) definitely took its toll.  I weighed in this morning at 149.3, which is higher than I have been in at least a year.  I’m hoping it was mostly water weight, and I’ll be back down to 147ish, which is where I’ve been hovering lately.  And for the measures – 36-31-43.  Sigh.  I have my work cut out for me!

Breakfast!  I sauteed cabbage & Swiss chard in coconut oil, fried 2 eggs over-easy, and added some avocado.

Lunch!  I made a delicious salad of organic herbs and greens, with green peppers, avocado, walnuts, sardines, olive oil and apple cider vinegar.

For supper I made what was essentially a taco salad.  I cooked up a pound of grass-fed meat, adding home-made taco seasoning and used it to top off a salad of romaine hearts, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, and avocado.  I have to say, it was not my favorite meal.  I think I broke up the hamburger into pieces that were too small – kinda got lost in the shuffle.

So, the day in retrospect – My stomach felt good.  My energy was good all day.  I didn’t get hungry between meals really.  After lunch I got snacky, but that was more psychological than pysiological.  I ate some pumpkin seeds, and they were delicious.  In my limited experience eating primally off and on over the past month or so, adding good fat to a meal really does make it last longer.  I used to always eat oatmeal mixed with raisins and cinnamon for breakfast, and I was always hungry by 8:30AM.  For exercise, Marta and I took two walks around the bank, and I took a walk around the block over lunch.  I am wicked sore from doing planks & squats yesterday.  Ouch.

I think it’s going to be a struggle to plan ahead and to have the right groceries in stock.  Already, after Day 1, I’m a little screwed.  I didn’t take anything out of the freezer yesterday, so I’ll probably need to go to the store for some meat tomorrow.  Also, I wanted to make cabbage pesto slaw.  I got half the ingredients, but the recipe called for 4 cups of basil, which would cost like $12 at HyVee.  So I have cabbage but no pesto.  Have to figure that out.

I’m sure this will get easier eventually.  Hopefully.  As for tracking the progress on the blog daily, I’m going to have to reconsider that – at least reconsider the level of detail.  I’m already bored just writing about 3 meals.  No one is going to want to read that everyday.  So, going forward, I’ll just hit the highlights.

Day 1 down, 20 to go!

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