Primal Day 9

Ran across a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal today, about the effects that gut health has on the rest of the body, and most interestingly, the mind.  Read it here.  Really makes you think twice about the food you put into your body.  Processed, sugary foods may not just make you fat, it may cause you to be depressed and anxious.  Very interesting stuff.

Speaking of gut health, my stomach has been a little wonky today.  I’ve eaten plenty of food, but I’ve been hungry all day – mentally hungry.  My stomach feels full, but I still feel like I need to eat.  I think it’s hormonal.  The only difference in my diet today compared to any day last week, is that today I ate a little bit of dairy – a little cheese with lunch and a glass of kefir while making supper.  Maybe the dairy is messing me up?  Also, I had some almonds for a snack today, and my stomach was rumbly afterwards.  I ate no almonds last week and had no rumbly tummies.  I’ll try them again tomorrow and see if they bother my stomach again.

For supper we tried the steak soup recipe I found online here.  The soup turned out good, but the meat was still not good.  It was very gristly.  Maybe it’s because it’s a rump roast?  Maybe it needed more crockpot time?  We’re hoping that it’s better tomorrow after sitting in the acidic soup base all night.

For the Day 9 Challenges, I was supposed to track my macronutrient intake.  The book recommends using fitday.com to do this, but I neglected to measure anything I ate today, so I failed that challenge.  I did increase my daily movement, however, which was another one of the challenges.  Marta & I did 8 or 16 sets of stairs today; I lost track.  I also parked far, far away from the office, and when I went to the mall, I walked from Sephora to Dillards.

Overall today was a little discouraging after feeling so great last week.  I mean I still feel good – my head is clear, and my allergies have really calmed down.  I just wish I felt satisfied.   Oh, I did get good news this morning.  I am still at 145.9, but all my measurements are an inch smaller!


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