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Beginner’s Yoga Sequence

I don’t have much time to write this morning.  I am teaching my first public yoga class tonight, and I need to practice my planned sequence! I practiced it yesterday morning, and it was about 15 minutes short. I added a few asanas last night, so I need to run through it and see if it works.  Here’s the sequence.

Beginner's yoga sequence with breath work
Beginner’s yoga sequence with breath work

Thoughts?  Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Well wishes?!  I will take whatever I can get!

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow I plan to list out all the book recommendations we received over the weekend.

Have a great day!!


4 thoughts on “Beginner’s Yoga Sequence”

    1. Thank you Diane! Next time we go to Des Moines, we will have to take a class together. The guy who ran that IWorkandPlay booth at the conference said they offer free classes on Wednesday nights, btw!

  1. I’ve never really thought of how much work goes into a class! All the sequences. I’m sure it was amazing – congrats on your first class.

  2. Thanks, Kim! It was a lot of fun. I have a really hard time focusing on just ONE thing. When I was teaching, that was ALL I was thinking about. It was nice to have that focus and flow! Indigo is doing free Community classes every Wednesday and Saturday through July. You should come!!

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