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$30 Lackluster Lamb

Tim and I visited my parents this weekend, and I got a hankering to force them to eat some more of my experimental cooking.  My parents love me, so they have to let me do this.  🙂

I ran across this Salt Roasted Lamb recipe on  I love salt, I love lamb, what couldn’t be delicious about this??  Well, the price for one thing.  I got a 2.5 leg of lamb roast on sale for $22!  Then I had to buy a box of salt, as well as a container of fresh rosemary.  Throw in some sweet potatoes, butter, and coconut milk for the side dish, and I was in about $35 just for ingredients.  But the recipe sounded delicious, so I was willing to give it a shot.

It was very easy to make, but none of my family was in love with it.  The flavor was fine but not powerful, and the meat was rather tough.  Perhaps I messed up the recipe somehow?  I’m not quite sure what happened, but I know that I won’t be making this again.  It was fun to try something new and to force Mammacita to widen her eating horizons, however.  She was a very good sport.  She liked the mashed sweet potatoes at least!  If you are into food pictures, check out my Instagram feed to the right for pics of the lamb in process.

We had at least 1/2 of the roast left over, so I sliced some this morning and sauteed it in lard with broccoli and cauliflower. It made a pretty tasty little stir fry, once the lamb was cooked crispy in lard!

I didn’t do any meal planning for this week because my schedule got out of whack with the visit to Monticello. Instead we’ll be cleaning out our freezer and seeing what we can frankenstein together.  Tim actually made supper tonight – grilled salmon (wild-caught frozen salmon from Target), with sauteed broccoli, leftover mashed sweet potatoes, and an organic lettuce salad (from the Farmer’s Market).  It was very delicious.  I would have had a very healthy night of eating had I not succumbed to weakness and bought a bag of Himalayan Salted Almonds from Target.  I trick myself into thinking these are an OK paleo treat, since they are made from dark chocolate and almonds.  But, in my heart, I know they are not good, yet I eat them by the several handfuls.  They are crazy addictive.

Once they are out of the house, I need to get myself back under control.  It’s been a week of pizza, beer, cheese, and scones.  My 80/20 is slipping, and with each increase in the 20% is going my freedom from achy joints, twinges of anxiety, and random evil unhappy moods.  To get myself back on track, I went on a book-obtaining binge.  I bought the Primal Life Kit, borrowed The Power of Habit from my mom, and bought A New Earth and The Primal Blueprint from the second-hand bookstore.  Hopefully reading these books will give me the motivation and will power to just say no to the stuff I know will make me feel bad, physically and emotionally.

And that’s my recipe update.  Hope you are having a great week so far!

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